AUGUST 16-17 at 7pm.
Tickets $10
On-Sale July 1, 2018
Produced By Arrangement with Dramatic Publishing and Playscripts, New York

 From Dramatic Publishing:

ONE LANE BRIDGE By Stephen Gregg:

A snowy night. A drive through a mountain canyon. "Nothing bad happens if I'm late" thinks 16-year-old Eli as he creeps along this winding road. He doesn't know anything about his soon-to-be passenger, Samantha, except that she's a friend of a friend and needs a ride to Home Depot. But Eli is glad for the company, especially considering the stuff that's been going on in his town. Soon, though, Eli's terrible driving sparks an argument, and the conversation takes an odd, dark turn. Eli and Samantha tell stories designed to scare each other. Eli's story is haunting, but he's out of his league. Once Samantha tells her story, Eli finds himself driving too fast, not because he's going to be late, but because he wants out of that car. Eli's not going to make it to Home Depot. One Lane Bridge is relentlessly compelling, genuinely scary and contains one moment so startling that your audience is guaranteed to talk about it afterward.

From Playscripts:

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza by Don Zolidas

Two battling narrators attempt to cover the entirety of Greek mythology using audience participation, cross-dressing, and general theatrical insanity. Creation myths such as Pandora's Box and Cronos and the Titans jostle for space with other famous myths like Jason and the Argonauts (the original Super Friends). Culminating in a heart-pounding, five-minute, two-actor version of The Iliad, this fast-paced, free-wheeling play is wild, silly, and a complete blast for all ages. 


Faced with microscopic civilizations in their coffee and a corpse on their couch, a husband and wife attempt to cope with the loss of their son by reinventing the boundaries, rules, and nature of death. This short play is a ridiculous, comical, and dark examination of the unfairness and finality of dying.

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