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Wego Drama is the award-winning theatre program of West Chicago Community High School.  This amazing program is educationally based to challenge the students, staff, and community through a comprehensive Arts Program.  It is student-driven with the Wego Drama Officers taking a very active role and owning the program and events.

Highlights of the program include both a mainstage program and a studio series.  The Mainstage consists of larger productions and the Studio 94 shows are more experimental.  All of these aspects of production are focused on an annual theme. 

In addition, there is a comprehensive class and workshop experience for all students at WCCHS.  Course work includes Drama, Advanced Drama, and often additional seminars classes for Seniors.  Workshops are regularly held.

There is an active Tech Crew and Wego Drama Club that is open to everyone.  For fun and to expand our understanding, there is a Film Club and Program.

All performances are at WCCHS, 326 Joliet Street, West Chicago IL 60185.

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We Are Wego Drama!

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We Are Wego Drama!

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We Are Wego Drama!

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We Are Wego Drama!

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We Are Wego Drama!

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